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Capital Fencing Academy only accepts payments for classes, camps, and private lessons by credit card:

  • Payment for classes and private lessons is due by the first of each month.
  • Payment for camps, either in full or a deposit, is due upon registration.

For tournaments, payment is due at the event prior to close of registration in cash or by check; please make checks out to “Capital Fencing Academy.”

Click here to make a one-time payment or to set up a recurring payment plan.

Capital Class Pricing

Please discuss with Capital’s coaches the best training schedule for your fencer. For more information, please see Capital’s monthly class fees below. Please note that club membership is included in the monthly class fee for enrolled students.


Class Options Recommended for Monthly Fee
A: One Class (4 per month) New Musketeer $120
B: Two Classes (8 per month) Advance Musketeer, Intermediate $190
C: Three Classes (12 per month) Advanced $260
D: Three Classes (one Elite) (12 per month) Advanced Plus $280
Club Membership Fee (included with classes)   $80/month