Capital hosts the first world-wide Czajkowski Sabre Cup event!

Proud to host the first world-wide competition to celebrate the outstanding achievements and influence of Coach Zbigniew Czajkowski, Capital Fencing Academy held our inaugural Czajkowski Sabre Cup event on Saturday, October 21! Coach Zbigniew, Poland’s head and Olympic Team coach for many years is still very active in his 96th year. He has trained many Olympic and national champions in all three weapons, written more than 25 books and several hundred articles on fencing, and conducted seminars all over the world. Czajkowski lives by his own saying, “The only people who get old are those who have the time and desire to do so.”

We had a strong group of 38 fencers, with some amazing results for our Capital fencers:

1st Nicolas Del Vecchio, updated his A rating to an A17

2nd Littleton Riggins, updated his B rating to a B17

3rd Kyle Lee, updated his E rating to a B17

3rd Alessandro Contreras

7th Jonathan Simak, updated his E rating to a C17

8th Natalie Olsen, one of the youngest fencers at the event, previously unrated, got her C17

9th Desmond Rodriguez

10th Chris Allum, updated his E rating to a D17

Congratulations to all of our fencers for their hard work!

Finalists Alessandro, Kyle, Littleton & Nicolas

Finalists Alessandro, Kyle, Littleton & Nicolas